Next to Normal

Photography by Tim Allan


Adelaide Theatre Guide ‘Curtain Call’ Award, Best Female Performance (Professional), Rosanne Hosking (Diana)


Adelaide Theatre Guide ‘Curtain Call’ Award, Best Musical (Professional)

Adelaide Theatre Guide ‘Curtain Call’ Award, Best Technical (Professional), David Lampard (Set Design)

Adelaide Theatre Guide ‘Curtain Call’ Award, Best Male Performance (Professional), Paul Talbot (Dan)


“Director David Lampard’s most recent works have had a distinct trademark of excellence, and Next to Normal is certainly no exception. He has assembled a fine cast and crew who show commitment to his vision – a fresh non-replica interpretation. Lampard’s work can be seen most tangibly in his additional role as designer, with the striking and ingenious set design.”
Ben Nielsen, Australian Stage Online

“Director/Designer David Lampard has delivered an electric set and and (sic) emotion-injected production that involves the audience every agonised step of the way.”
Matt Byrne, Adelaide Now (The Advertiser / Sunday Mail)

“Director David Lampard and MD Peter Johns (with voice consultant Helen Tiller) have pulled together a brilliant production which produces instant standing ovations… Set design is an obvious David Lampard work: simple, effective and impressive.”
Aaron MacDonald, Adelaide Theatre Guide